Puricell Syrup


Puricell syrup relieves various afflictions including heartburn, clogging, skin inflammation, bubbles, and nose drain. It prods the framework on to begin disposal of the amassed sullen matter through the digestive organs, kidneys, and,skin, the double rectifying their capacities. It works on by and large coloring and gives you a solid fight-free life. Require two teaspoonfuls of this syrup two times per day after suppers with an equivalent  amount of water. It isn’t suggested for pregnant ladies and lactating moms. Safi is a homegrown supplement, so it makes no side impacts. Store in a cool dry spot and stay away from direct sunlight. The syrup arrives in a 100ml container.

Description: It eradicates the root cause of pimples and ensures smooth soft skin. It works from inside to purify blood and attacks bacteria causing pimples. Active Blood Purifier Syrup cures eczema, constipation, vomiting, and discoloration of the skin

Puricell Blood Purifier Syrup refines blood to give pimple-free skin with a trademark sparkle.


Key benefits/uses of Purcell Active Blood Purifier Syrup:


Puricell Syrup help with skin difficulties including pimples, skin irritation, shading, etc and conveys try to please skin.

Course for use/Dosage:
Consume Puricell Blood Purifier Syrup as composed by the specialist

Skin infections like skin break out, pimples, etc.

Limit bearings:
– Store in a cool, dry and dull spot
– Safeguard from direct light

Prosperity information:
– Scrutinize the name mindfully before use
– Keep out of the compass and sight of children

Composition : Blood Purifier Syrup
Packing : 200ml Pett Bottle

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