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Biostem Pharma is a fastest growing PCD Company in India dedicated to serving high-quality healthcare by offering third-party manufacturing, pharma products, pharmaceutical franchise, and medical franchise. Being a renowned monopoly pharma company we’re serving within the country and even some neighboring countries as well. Biostem Pharma works efficiently well and has a proper PCD Pharma program to give PCD franchise to the interested.

We offer an exceptional array of pharmaceutical products including Anti-allergic, PPIs, Antibiotics, injectables, Gynae, Ortho, Paediatrics, Derma, and more. We deal with 200+ products and have a great number of associates. We aim of delivering high-end, reliable, and affordably priced products to our customers to meet their healthcare needs. Franchise pharmaceutical companies has have become easy with us. We own a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that is WHO & GMP certified and DCGI approved.

Pharma Franchise company refers to privilege or right. Franchising refers to a business in which a trademark of Pharmaa  Franchise company can be used by the other partner for doing business. The partner uses that brand to sell products. The franchise can be of different types and different modes.

Authorization granted by a pharmaceutical company to an individual or group or distributor that allow them to carry out pharmaceutical company’s proprietary knowledge, products right or other mutually agreed terms and condition for a specific area for example marketing, sale, distribution, doctor’s promotion authorization/appointment of distributors, etc for company products or services. It is known as PCD Pharma marketing

Biostem Pharma has gained a name nationwide and we have franchisers all over India. Our customer service and attractive product packaging allow us to stand out from the crowd and are appreciated by many customers. As a PCD company, we bring visual aids, product pictures, and promotional articles to our partners for effective marketing. If you’re searching for the best pharma franchise company, your search ends here. Know our PCD Pharma plan and get a pharma franchise to gain exclusive benefits and profits as an individual!
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