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With so many PCD pharma companies in the pharmaceutical industry, it isn’t easy to find the best one. However, if you are aware of the Ten Tips for Selecting PCD Pharma Company, your work will not be challenging anymore. Before moving on with the tips, you must look at the website of Biostem Pharma, one of India’s leading pharma companies based out of Ambala, Haryana. After looking at their products and finding out more about their business divisions and success history, there is no way you can look beyond Biostem. However, if you are still keen to learn more about how you can be sure about selecting the best PCD Pharma company, then read till the end of this article.


List of the  Ten Tips for Selecting PCD Pharma


Without further delay, let’s look into the points you must keep in mind while choosing the best PCD pharma company.


Name of the company

When you are planning to establish a franchise of a PCD pharma company, you must consider a name that is catchy enough. Moreover, the name should be easy enough for everyone to pronounce because you have to market yourself in the local areas to flourish.


Brand names

Very similar to your search for a catchy name, it is important that people can at least pronounce the names of the medicines. Of course, you need to label every pack with a separate name for distinguishing purpose. Make sure that’s easy enough.


Product range

The number of products that are available under a company’s name is not what matters. Instead, you have to find out whether or not the catalogue consists of names that match your requirements properly. Comparing a few different companies will undoubtedly give you an edge in this regard.


Product packaging

Check out the product packaging of Biostem Pharma to get a better understanding of how it should be. Clumsy packaging of medicinal drugs is a big problem because people won’t buy such products twice. So, the products must come in catchy packages, so most medicines come in shiny silver packages.


Stock availability

This one is a primary criterion that you must tick before taking up a particular pharma company franchise. For example, when you associate with Biostem Pharma, they assure you regarding the constant supply of medicines. Besides, you must ensure the same for whichever brand you are choosing. It is because there are so many competitors waiting to find a gap in your business so that they can jump in and fill it.


Promotional material

Every customer likes free stuff or complimentary items irrespective of their purchasing, and medicines are no less. Besides, there have to be some rewards for brand loyalists or doctors prescribing your medicines to their patients. Therefore, promotional items such as prescription pads, pens, catch covers, bottles, and more can keep existing customers and doctors happy.


Monopoly rights

One of the best aspects of being part of the pharma industry is having monopoly rights. When a company bestows you with such rights, it means you can run your business without stressing about competitors.


Payment terms

Clarifying even the smallest details about financial transactions and payment is mandatory. Besides, you must make sure that there is a proper record of every penny exchanged against pharmaceutical supplies.



There is no secret that people prefer to purchase medicines and OTC drugs from brands that carry licenses such as WHO-GMP or ISO.


Company background

When you want to start a franchise business, make sure you research well about the background and base of the original company.

As we come to the end of this article and you are now aware of the best ten tips for selecting a PCD pharma company, the work is quite easy now.

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Ten Tips for Selecting PCD Pharma Company

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